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There are four specific ways I can
probably help you if you are a ...

WRITER. I can show you how you can reliably sell 75% of your articles, then sell the same pieces again and again as reprints and rewrites.

SPEAKER. How to give one speech very often and very profitably while you build an entire professional life around it.

PUBLISHER. How to publish 100% of the time, risk free, pre-tested before you write a word or spend more than a token-and leave no books unsold.

EMPIRE BUILDER. How to find one core topic and build a life-time, life-changing empire from it, with you the very well compensated emperor or empress.

Welcome to my website-and my world!

I'm Gordon Burgett. I assure you that the promises above are true, and they can immediately apply to you. (In fact, no topic is off bounds in writing, speaking, publishing, and empire building.)

Simply contact me at my website, briefly explain your situation and how you want me to help you, and I'll tell you if that's possible-and, if so, which means would be best, fastest, and least expensive for you.

My list of resources on the left side of this page (each is linkable) is part of the trove of tools that, for over a quarter of a century, I've gathered and used. Not included are the products and skills of other professionals that I might also recommend to you.

If it sounds vain that ...

I can help you succeed quickly and increase your income mightily in many information-sharing fields, well, I've simply been succeeding in all of them for a long time, and have talked and taught others like you how to do the same.

Having said that, I've also done just about everything wrong at least twice, wanted to scream at editors (even when I was one), couldn't understand why agents didn't knock each other over to book my speeches, turned my books face out in the bookstores to increase my sales, and routinely rejected much of the sage advice I now have for you-until I gave up and tried it, and it's filled my coffers ever since! 

Sharing experience can be the best teacher

Despite a legion of learning blunders, I've still been generously paid over 2,000 times to give seminars or speeches; had 36 bound books published; seen 1,700+ of my freelance articles in print, and both owned and directed a publishing firm since 1982. (Maybe some testimonials would help.)

I hear you."Big deal!" you say."What are you doing for us now?" Well, many thousands receive my free monthly newsletter called"Writers, Speakers, Publishers, and Product Developers: Create Your Own Highly Profitable Empire!" (Just for signing up free you'll get three very useful reports that are immediately downloadable.) Plus, I answer questions from the newsletter subscribers at my blog

Beyond that, I've got lots of books, e-books, audio CDs, reports, articles, e-articles, seminars, consulting programs, and even a nonfiction manuscript reviewing service available to guide you through the selling shoals and get you earning more and more often.

What do you do now?

If you're a writing, speaking, publishing, or product-developing colleague and are stuck or progressing too slowly, go to the top of the page and see if I can help. If so, contact me. And while you're at it, sign up for the newsletter so I can keep you currently informed and inspired.

Finally, why would you care about creating your own empire?

Because that can be the unifying hub that gives the greatest earning power to your professional life - and lets you help more people more effectively than in any other way. By purposely creating your own core of expertise, you can offer your skills and products outward, radiating like the spokes of a wheel, reaching all of your beneficiaries as you sell your unique knowledge, words, counsel, teaching, products, and tools.

Through an empire you can sell that something that others will eagerly pay to know in half a dozen different, integrated ways, like books, audio CDs, consulting, articles, software, coaching, products, editing, services... You also earn and help others more by working less.

And if you just want to write or speak or publish?

Actually, most focus on one(or two) of the empire-building paths. Let's concentrate where you feel most comfortable first. You dictate the means, the pace, and where you want to go...

How can I help you?

Let's find out. Go surf hunting on the links to the left, or just contact me if you are serious about making money and helping others...


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