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Travel writing is the simplest and most lucrative way to start a writing career.

In Gordon Burgett’s third edition of The Travel Writer’s Guide, beginners and veterans learn (and relearn) the ABCs of writing and selling their articles. The step-by-step guide shows how you prep and sell travel articles before you take the trip, see the sites like an expert, find the needed interviews, and add observations and digital photos, then write form-fit articles to eager, queried magazine (and newsletter) editors when you return. Next, how to find different slants and sell to newspapers after-the-fact. Finally, how and when to sell reprints and rewrites to other magazines. (Most of Gordon’s 1,700 freelance article sales were about travel. He is currently the Executive Editor at, the industry leader in visual travel podcasts.) 


uTwice THE TRAVEL WRITER’S GUIDE was a Writer’s Digest Book Club top selection! u


Table of Contents


Part One: An Overview of Travel Writing

    1. The Professional Way for Professional Results

Part Two: Before the Trip

    2. Getting Organized
    3. Your Writing Plan and Sales Schedule
    4. Taxes and Rights: Law and Strategy
    5. Query Letters: Magic Key to Magazine Sales
    6. Photos

Part Three: During the Trip

    7. What to Do When You’re There
    8. Interviewing

Part Four: After the Trip

    9. The Trip Back and the Critical Three Weeks That Follow
   10. Putting the Words on Paper
   11. Post-Trip Querying
   12. Newspapers: A Strategic Bombardment
   13. Selling Your Copy and Photos Again and Again
   14. Other Ways to Sell Your Travel Writing Information and Skills

Part Five: Related Information

    15. Those Marvellous Freebies!
    16. Computers and Copy Submission
    17. Air Couriers
365 Ideas for Travel Articles

Sources for Travel Writers


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